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Marathon Embroidery threads have been available in Australia for more than 30 years now, supplying commercial embroiderers and people who simply love creating beautiful designs with machine embroidery at home.    

GN Trading is the head office for oceania. We have built our reputation by being an utmost reliable supplier of top quality products, competitively priced and backed by the highest levels of customer service. We are passionate about SERVICE and QUALITY, and make absolutely sure that all Marathon clients, big and small, receive the fabulous service they deserve, quickly, without fuss and in exactly the required colours.

Marathon Threads are manufactured by a major and highly respected Korean corporation, Dong-Il Industrial Company. The company has maintained a commitment to consistent high quality since 1958 so much so that they have achieved numerous accreditations and certificates. They hold a prestigious Testex (Zurich, Switzerland) “Confidence in Textiles” certificate to guarantee that Marathon threads contain no harmful substances, as well as certificates acknowledging the quality of the manufacturing and management processes.

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